Friday BARB UP May 19, 2017

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Friday has hit me with a melancholy. Another week, another series of events that upset the balance of hope. The week ends with a heinous storm of sad events: Chris Cornell took his life, and a driver with a suicidal tendency plowed through Times Square, killing one woman. In New York City, with the sky so blue and summer around the corner, it’s important for me to stick inside a sweet spot, lest I get dragged further down. So much of what keeps me afloat is hope. And a pretty blue sky. Stay strong, stay alert, stay positive. Have a better weekend.

Shonda Rhimes: “There’s something a bit wrong with a system that says only some of us get to be beautiful; that there’s only one kind of beauty.”

Annabelle Gurwitch:  “If I did get a tattoo, I would get it right under my C-section and it would read ‘Under New Management’.”

Go away. I like a personal essay and I’m happy to run them here.

Speaking of which, I’m honored to launch our new series, Cinema Siren Says, by the Cinema Siren herself, Leslie Combemale!  “I contend that by the time we are over 40, hopefully we’ve lost a fair amount of our give-a-shit.”

A tale of an actual witch trial.

Cooking made easy for a lady like me, who has no culinary skills whatsoever.

Men in charge putting women in charge. YES.

Wait, so now vibrators are ageist?

Sex stuff.

Yiddish is the answer.

And now have a laugh with Joan Rivers.


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