Tuesday BARB Up May 30, 2017

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Tuesday, hello! I hope you enjoyed your three-day bank holiday weekend. That you’re looking forward to this “short” week. That you’re in a good mood today, returning to whatever your life holds for you. Me? I love a four-day work week. I like counting down the days to a weekend in general. I like not having to wake up and prep lunch for The Teenager. I like when my dog lets me sleep in. So I like looking forward to a weekend, when I get to do all the things I can’t during the school slash work week. One of the things I’m working on right now is an advice column! We’re going to be launching an advice column in the coming weeks. So. Start asking us things. Things you can’t ask of anyone. Things that your small circle of friends can’t help with. Things that you just want to ask. Send your questions in. We’ll advise accordingly!

At my daughter’s urging, I watched the documentary The Hunting Ground. I’d recommend you watch as well. It’s a look at the pervasive existence of rape culture on college campuses; the allowance of it, the ethos behind it (greed, endowment, like that), the statistics across all levels of universities. It has been troubling to watch what’s been going on at Baylor University, but at the same time, that there have been repercussions have been hopeful, that other schools will take note, that women will begin to feel safe on campuses, that the present and future generation of boys will be a part of the end of rape culture.

I can listen/read Urvashi Butalia all day long.”The entire spectrum of queer identities is now very much part of the women’s movement in India, with feminists being engaged equally in ‘their’ battle for rights and citizenship.”

In our latest BARB Turning Pages, we speak with Fiona Maazel.

Jennifer Egan on what it’s like to work for a countess.

If you live in New York, Manhattanhedge is all the rage.

Yik Yak and feminists who speak up.

Whales. A short history of growth in the ocean.

Thinking about getting a nose job?

Sex stuff.

On being single.

Florida continues to surprise me. They’re getting rid of the tampon tax.

And now have a laugh with Janeane Garofalo.


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