Thursday BARB Up June 1, 2017.

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An advice column is coming to BARB and we are interested in your needs, your crossroads, your searching for answers. Ask us anything. We’re here to talk. Advise. All that. Here. Do it. Now.

The Cinema Siren herself, Leslie Combemale, on why you must see Wonder Woman this weekend. Plus her review.

Samantha Irby:  “I have that disease that a lot of poor people who claw their way out of the miserable depths of poverty suffer from, the one that makes you want to blow your paycheck on all the special things because never before in your life could you ever have anything even remotely fancy or expensive.”

Arundhati Roy has a new book out and it’s a must to be read.

A therapist and a podcast. What could be more delightful?

Feminist extensions, Google Chrome style.

Being 25 is at best its most random.

I still don’t get what vaginal rejuvenation is and maybe it’s best I don’t.

An artist’s rendition of a feminist reading list.

An ode to what once was, Bleecker Street.

And now have a laugh with Joy Behar,


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