Tuesday BARB Up June 6, 2017.

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I’m on a flight as I type. In fact, two and a half hours into my flight; I’ve been asleep for most of it. Curled up in my seat. Most likely drool slightly trailing out the side of my mouth. Watching now the movie Office Christmas Party. It’s not a bad way to spend time. I have my Sarah MacClean romance novel reading to be perused. Just had a cheese and crackers meal. Breakfast of champions. So that’s me right now. Putting BARB together while on a plane. Kind of a thrill, have to say. Enjoy your Tuesday. Where ever you are.

Jennifer Romolini: “Among the many things my daughter is not old enough to know are my lingering vices, my raging potty mouth, and especially my anxieties, my multitude of fears. She knows me, but I may not be fully known.”

Geena Davis: “The best use of my personal resources is to try to effect change in a wholesale way. It’s very nice when movies come out starring women; it’s wonderful when they are giant hits at the box office. And it does happen regularly, but there’s never any momentum. I’ve been keenly aware of this since Thelma & Louise when all the press predicted this changes everything in capital letters.”

Cindy Gallop: “We need many more role models in our society for both women and for men that demonstrate that you can live your life very differently to the way society expects you to and still be quite extraordinarily happy. I want every one to feel able to design the relationship model that works for them which may, by the way, be different at different stages in your life. There are people stuck in marriages or relationships they don’t want to be in because of fear of what other people will think. I want to eradicate that consideration.”

Gloria Steinem and the blow out.

Priyanka Chopra and the Gap.

The all female screenings at Wonder Woman fill me with delight.

Get your free sex toys.

Blow Job school.

And now have a laugh with Janelle James.

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