Thursday BARB UP June 8, 2017

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I hiked Runyon Canyon. When I lived in Los Angeles in the 90’s, I did not go near the hiking trails. Most likely my laziness in play. But now I’m concerned about fitness. There’s the elliptical use, after all. So hiking? Yes. I wanted to do it. I put on my sneakers, my workout pants. Water bottle, phone, lip balm. Got into Jen’s convertible. And off we were. She parked on a cozy, leafy incline. We met up with her friend, Bernie. And I followed. They do Runyon Canyon almost daily. I knew I was following in experienced footsteps. Three dogs–Dexter, Dolly, George–at our feet. It was overcast, it was 7:30am, it was perfect. I was thrilled. My body felt vital, alive. The jet lag behind me. Avoiding the pavement. Went footpath all the way. Allowing the grooves in the rock to be the natural steps up, up, up. Indulged in a few selfies. As we climbed further, I dared not look behind me. Oh, that fear of heights. That fear of slipping, tumbling down. I stayed close and inside, walking gingerly as we got higher, focussed on each footstep before me. Looking to where Jenn went, following her. I was not slowing down, that would have been paralysis. I stayed apace. Jenn announced we were nearing the summit. Ahead of me, there was a steep incline, mostly rock, a narrow path. I told Jenn I was afraid. She calmed me down, told me to trust her.I reminded myself she does this every day, wholeheartedly. I let go of the trepidation. I stayed in my resolve. And focussed. Got to the summit. Did a mental high five. My friends, experts in patience. I looked around at the hearty faces. The dogs happily sniffing. It was only 8am. And I felt great.

Some asshole told Kamala Harris WHAT?

I really miss Michelle Obama.

Jennifer Romolini: “I always found men to be limited and always had to figure out how to work around them. Whereas with a woman, there’s so much going on. There’s such a deeper center of power.”

Phoebe Robinson: “I know that Jess [Williams] and I get trolls, and it’s literally just because they’re mad that two black girls have a podcast. You get a lot of angry dudes. I’m just like, I’m not even gonna waste my time; you’re just mad at the world.”

Tricia Cusden: “You’ve got life hanging by a thread all around you: tiny, little, vulnerable human beings with just very tenuous hold on life; it makes you realize very powerfully how brief is our existence on this planet. It just made me determined that I would keep living until I died and not start dying whilst I was still alive.”

American Women of Color still have to work harder for less.

And also, there’s ageism.

What happens to your body when you are being raped.

Faking it at work.

Sex stuff.

Memory is affected by the other M word, Menopause.

Running can  help with the post-partum.

The women who played the Amazons on Wonder Woman.

And now have a laugh with Sarah Silverman.



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