Tuesday BARB UP June 13, 2017

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This will be short, as I am watching the DeMario episode of the Bachelorette; I’m doing Michelle Collin’s Fresh Batch podcast and he is going to be a topic of conversation, because obvi. SO: I don’t really like using air conditioning; I get cold so easily and the idea of manufactured air plays with my mind. Still. I live with The Teenager and Rocky. The Teenager relishes good temperature. And Rocky? He needs a temperate environment. And so, on this second day of a heat wave, I’m having the air conditioner installed in The Teenager’s room, and I’m leaving the a/c on–the one that is in the living room–on for Rocky. It’s necessary.

Black women and the burden upon them. “More than 80 percent of black mothers are the breadwinners (defined as sole earner or bringing in at least 40 percent of total earnings) in their household. That’s compared with 50 percent of white mothers. And three-quarters of the black women who hold breadwinner status are doing so alone.”

Stacy Abrams is running for Governor of Georgia. YES. “I’m running right now because Georgia is changing. It is a state that is one of the most diverse in the nation. And that diversity can either be a powerful engine for us or it can cripple our ability to think about ourselves on the broadest and boldest terms.”

Vaj power.

Ester Perel: “While there are differences between men and women, I think we all fall prey to very old stereotypes and evolutionary ideas that support certain stereotypes even though they’re not necessarily that accurate: Women are told that there is one form of expression for sadness and hurt, and that in the masculine discourse, it’s more acceptable to being angry and to pretend self-sufficiency. We often mistake this kind of difference as essential and innate, when it is much more cultural; then we come up with all kinds of evolutionary and biological theories to support the stereotype.”

I love when politicans are so stupid it’s funny.

Okay so this is why we’re sweating, maybe.

And now have a laugh with Ali Wong.


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