Wednesday BARB UP June 14, 2017

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I want to take a moment and celebrate some of the women we’ve spoken to here at BARB, in alphabetical order and of course, our Cinema Siren herself, Leslie Combemale and Corinna Barsan’s Turning Pages series.:

Cindy Gallop, who wants to normalize the subject of sex: “So when Make Love, Not Porn achieves its mission to make it easier to talk about sex, here’s what will happen: parents will bring their children up openly to have good sexual values and good sexual behavior, in the way that they have good vales and good behavior in every other area of their lives. We will cease to bring up rapists because we end rape culture when we inculcate in society a universally aspired-to gold standard of what constitutes good sexual values and good sexual behavior. When we do that, we also end sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual violence. All areas where the perpetrators rely on the fact that we do not talk about sex to ensure their victims will never speak up. When we end that, we massively empower women and girls worldwide. When we do that, we make the world a far happier place for everybody including men.”

Dana Marlowe, who is helping women in need: “So I went to the mall. As I’m getting fitted, I asked the sales associate, “I have a drawer full of perfectly good bras. Can you refurbish them like a laptop?” She said, “Are you an IT consultant?” And I said, “I am.” And she said, “Well, no we can’t refurbish them.” And she told me four words which were really important: “Homeless Women Need Bras.””

Fiona Maazel, who is learning as she’s going: “I got stuck so many times writing my first novel. Then I got stuck even more times writing my second. And again writing my third. So it’s not like the work has gotten any easier. The only difference is that I panic less. I trust that eventually I will surmount whatever obstacles are in my way or just sidestep them or backtrack.”

Jennifer Romolini, who writes about feeling like the weird girl: “It’s a fantasy, perfection is a total fantasy. If I white knuckle my way through everything, if I’m so stressed and I’m like, no it has to be perfect, it has to be perfect, I’m missing out on everything.”

Lynn Harris, who is helping girls find their funny: “We also want to be able to reach that hilarious weirdo kid who thinks she’s the only person who gets her own jokes at a terrifying high school in Texas and she can’t just take the subway to UCB (the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre). We want to be able to reach girls like her.”

So check out these and so many more, on BARB. We have a whole lot more interviews we Ladies Like Us coming your way. And if YOU want to interview a woman, let me know. We want to be exposed to as many women as possible!

And now…the other things. 😉

JK Rowling is a badass.

So is Bella McCloud: “I don’t see an up and a down; I see this linear upward trajectory to life.”

I don’t know how to choose a good melon so I found this helpful.

Hollywood, and ageism.

Beth Ditto: “I’m depressed. I wish anger was a problem. I wish I was angry.”

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Judy Gold.


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