Thursday BARB UP June 15, 2017

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I did Michelle Collin’s Fresh Batch podcast with Michelle and Michael Urie and it was so fun. Fresh Batch is a deep dive into the reality series, The Bachelorette.  I have been prepping for this podcast for at least a week, watching the Bachelorette. Mostly because I don’t watch reality TV, and I wanted to be well versed in having an opinion about what this young woman (Rachel, the Bachelorette) should do in terms of choosing a man to be her man. Sadly, there were the sports on linear this week—Monday night— the basketball as it were. Even worse, the news of alleged misconduct erupted on Bachelor in Paradise, featuring one of the Bachelors in this season’s Bachelorette. So we had A LOT of ground to cover. And, because so little information was in fact available, we were able to kibbitz as well, my favorite part of any podcast experience. I don’t know that I will watch another episode of The Bachelorette (come on, the obvious choice is Alex or Josiah, or one of the quieter ones that don’t have the crazy-eyes of  Jack Torrance) but I will continue to listen to Fresh Batch as I simply adore Michelle Collins!

Roxane Gay: “Whenever I thought about women doing books about bodies and weight, it was always women who had undergone a fitness journey or a weight-loss journey and they’re at the end of it, standing on the cover in their fat pants, ‘Look at me—I’m so thin, I’ve learned so much.’ ”

Senator Kamala Harris is everything. As is Elizabeth Warren.

Beth Ditto has a new song for us to groove too.

A note on #Pride from the Cinema Siren.

Tinder wants to give you 100k to get married. Well, some of you. 😉

Destiny’s Child, yes.

Sex toys.

I’m so turned on by this.

Someone named Augustine INVENTED sex? What?

And now have a laugh with Michelle Collins.



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