Friday BARB UP June 23, 2017

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I am a fan of improv. Not an improviser, but a fan. I love to sit in the dark, watching people onstage turn fantasy into fun. My father gave me this love; a devotee of SCTV and SNL, while sketch shows, were the gateway. Anytime there was comedy–not sitcom mind you–on television, he’d find it, a beacon sniffing for sketch. I watched with him, diligently. Bonded by Monty Python, really. As an adult, I sought out improv. As an audience member. My talent really for watching, enjoying the moment. In discovering the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in the 90’s, I found my temple, my go-to. Night after night, I’d shuffle into the theatre in Chelsea, take my seat, breathe it all in. All these years later, I still do it, I still go to the UCB theaters–four now–and watch, watch, watch as people do this magical thing, improv. This weekend marks the 19th annual Del Close Marathon at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Non-stop improv for three days and nights, at multiple venues. I have spent many Marathons, not moving, into the wee hours, desperate to watch one more show. Ever the fan. Because: I love improv.

And now they turn on Nancy Pelosi. Assholes.

Speaking of asshole, and also irony, Bill Cosby is giving sexual harassment work…oh I just can’t.

The value of female leadership, as told by three women at the top at Y&R.

I’m so happy Leslie Jones is Leslie Jones.

And that Remy Ma is Remy Ma.

When your partner isn’t driven.

If you have your period, will a shark really pick up on it?

Vibrators! is looking for couples over 50! As founder Angie Rowntree says, “Aging doesn’t change the fact we’re sexual beings with strong desires, needs, and vivid fantasies. The idea of doing a story starring an older couple is something I find very alluring as a director. Ageism is a problem — not just in adult entertainment, but also in the broader context of film and society in general. With this movie, we hope to break down some walls, challenge erotic norms and stereotypes, and respond to one of our members’ biggest requests at the same time.” Reach out!

And now have a laugh with Nikki Glaser.


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