Tuesday BARB UP June 27, 2017

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Be Kind To Yourself. I see that message a lot on Instagram. On occasion, I share it. It’s always jarring to me, emotionally to see the words, Be Kind To Yourself. A tacit reminder, to let myself off the hook. To be gentle. Kinder. It’s an emotional gut punch for me personally. And so when I see these on Insta, I take that moment. To acknowledge. And, it’s not easy to do, really, or sustain. And so, I appreciate it, the words, Be Kind To Yourself. Because I need to do it. More.


Marie Andrew

Cecile Richards. Seriously, inspiring. “It’s more important than ever that we stand loud and proud for the ability of any woman—regardless of her income, her geography, her immigration status, her sexuality, her sexual orientation—to access the full range of reproductive health care. We’ve got to pull the curtains back and be open and honest about this procedure that one in three women will have at some point in their lifetime, and their right to make that decision.”

San Diego Comic Con anyone? Our Cinema Siren has been there and will continue to do that.

Are you an artist? Topic.com is commissioning photography, illustration, animation, like that for their Female Problems issue. So, submit. In the best way.

You know, ofc, about Hunger. Here’s a bit more, if that’s possible, about Roxane Gay.

The BET Awards had Leslie Jones hosting and Michelle Obama. Come on.

Frances Aderton: “I kind of like saying how old I am, because I don’t feel like the 50 years old that I thought 50-year-olds were when I was a child. I’m part of the Bowie punk years. I think those 50-somethings are really anti-establishment, in a kind of fundamental way.”

I’m loving the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Also known as GLOW.

I love this idea of picking a baseball (or any sports team) for your daughter to be a fan of.

Go down the Radiohead rabbit hole.

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Wanda Sykes.




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