Wednesday BARB UP June 28, 2017.

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Today is the last day of school, public style. In years past, this point of the school year has struck me with great agita: what to do with the child? As a woman who works outside the home and who is raising a child on her own, not having the safety net of the structure of school is daunting. What did I do? I sent her to day camps (sometimes, quite the disaster). I hired her babysitter to spend the days with her. I had my Mom and my Dad step in, even; I’d fly them to New York from where they lived in Las Vegas, to do Safta and/or Saba duty (I rarely, if ever, had them stay with me simultaneously. The endless drone of a life-long couple tended to clash with the mellow soundtrack of my life). In later years, the child chose to go to sleepaway camp, which meant six or nine weeks apart, which also translated to a temporary liberation for me. Oh, how I looked forward to my “time off” from active parenting. To be able to sleep in. To not have to fuss over the state of her bedroom. To be able to know exactly how much money was in my wallet at all times. Oh, the bliss. But now? As a now senior? The Teenager has outgrown sleepaway camp. The Teenager is an independent person with a social life that is quite active. And this is the first time in all the years of parenting, that on the last day of school, I’m not stressing about her, or how she will occupy her time. Because with this one? I don’t have to worry about it. She’s got it covered. As for my wallet, tho.

Sally Tisdale, I heart you.

And also, Gloria: “If it doesn’t include all women, it’s not feminism by definition. That’s just the way it is.”

And don’t fuck with Serena.

Oh fuck you. Shame, indeed.

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