Friday BARB UP June 30, 2017

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I’m thinking of devoting an updating entry to men. So…if you have stories about men, thoughts about men, know any men, send them my way. I’m interested. And don’t forget, support women. I listed out several ways yesterday, here are three more: You see a pregnant woman standing on a subway car? Give her your seat. You have a co-worker encountering an uncomfortable situation? Don’t abandon her. Your friend’s babysitter bailed at the last minute? Step in and watch her kids. Small little things you can do that result in huge impact. Support the women in your life. Support women in general.

Mayor Aja Brown: “Because I was young or because I was female, people have thought that I wouldn’t be able to take the toughness of politics or the toughness of this or that job, and I’m still here. And so I look up to all the women who’ve done that, too. I still remember when Maxine Waters was elected the first African-American congresswoman. My mother sat me down and said, “See, she’s making history.” I like people who break the mold.”

RIP Simone Veil and thank you.

Cowgirls, lassos, the whole nine. 

Don’t fuck with phone sex workers.

Misnomers about feminists and feminism in general.

When moms connect.

Gazpacho. Well, mostly.

Sex stuff. In fact, a must read.

And now have a laugh with Ali Wong.



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