Friday, BARB UP July 7, 2017.

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I’m in general reluctant to be around people I’m not acquainted with. I don’t like large gatherings of people, I don’t like sitting in a circle of four or more, I don’t like small talk. I *hate* this question as an opener: So what do you do? What do I DO? I mean, I DO a lot. I take care of my dog. I raise my child. I blog. I DO a lot. The better, and more specific question ought to be: So how is it that you pay your rent? Of course, that honest approach to your economic and professional status feels a bit direct, but I have to say, I prefer that to the coy and basically rude, “What do you do?” I prefer to hang with one or two people, over a meal, and just kibbitz. If I’m asked to do more than that, I will, of course, but it’s more than likely I won’t be the person running the table, talking over people. I’ll be the person quietly absorbing all the chatter around me, occasionally doling out a barb or two. And I absolutely won’t be inquiring about someone’s professional status on first blush. There’s a better way to assess who the stranger is beside you, and that falls along the lines of, “What are you reading?” What are you listening to?” “What did you think of the Big Sick?” That to me, is a more personal way in and out of any social situation. Try it. Let me know what you think.

Holly Hunter: “People don’t come to New York out of resignation. They come here with a dream. Mine was to be an actress.”

I know from experience that when you get fired, it can motivate you to do more than you ever thought you could. Case in point: Lucinda Chambers.

RIP to Sheila Michaels, she who discarded the MRS and gave us MS.

Another woman kicking ass in corporate, Meredith Artley.

My friend Deb sent me this and I urge you to enjoy it as much as I did, and do.

Fashion tips for the uber-air conditioned offices/indoor spaces.

And now have a laugh with Maria Bamford.


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