Monday BARB UP July 10, 2017

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So I did the thing I rarely do: engage in a little reply/answer with someone I don’t know on a website. The bait? An employer wondering why people in their twenties don’t show up for interview. I answered with this: “Funny. There’s so much emphasis on hiring youth. And the reality is, when you’re young, you don’t appreciate what’s in front of you. Think about yourself at 22? Full of hubris. My advice to hiring managers is to look beyond the shiny toy. Go for the demo that cares about branding, about consumers, about ROI: hire people in their 40s and 50s. Invest in your company’s future by implementing those with something to gain.” Immediately, there was a response. A male, in his thirties, using a sports analogy to mansplain to me some nonsense about inflated salaries and failing eyesight. It is my policy, in general, not to engage. But. But. But. This fella went for ageism, misogyny and reduction all in one fell swoop. I answered. “A sports analogy? That’s the best you have? Please.” I noticed a flurry of activity, furious and frenzied, on the site. Notifications coming for the jugular. I opted not to read anything on the thread. I preferred to remain in this place of feeling satisfied with my first point, stated above. The fella? Maybe he gets to, in his mind, have the last word. To use his semblance of anonymity to further patronize me. I don’t know. I do know that his argument is insipid. And that to me, is very very very satisfying.

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