Thursday BARB UP July 13, 2017

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Where’d you go, Marce? Oh, just a little turbulence in the WordPress database kept me from being here. Things started to take a turn on Friday when I wasn’t able to post a new photo. That continued with the Monday post. But when I tried to post Tuesday, I was met with…bupkus. Couldn’t even get into my account. I emailed Hank, the person responsible for getting me here, the person who I reach out to in the middle of the night when I encounter a glitch or have a how-do-I-do-this question. The ultimate behind the scenes person, the one that for me is truly the most important being in the room. It turns out I had some very rare occurrence; it rendered BARB paralyzed. And so, Hank did the miracle, he fixed the problem. So I’m back, thanks ever so much to Hank, my go-to, my right-hand, my everything-BARB. And all of this goes under the umbrella of gratitude. How utterly thankful I am to have Hank in my life, Hank who has supported my BARB vision and created a world for me to flourish in.

And of course there’s so much to discuss.

Here I am on Ageist, talking about how ladies like us need to embrace our lust.

photo by David Harry Stewart, the King of Ageist.

I’m so starved for anything about Michelle Obama, so here is a little nugget.

The brilliance of Wendy Shanker: “So how do we end shame? How do we become role models of self-love (or at least self-respect) for our daughters? Well, you don’t “uch” when you look in the mirror. You don’t shake your head as you pinch an inch (or two, or four). You resist the urge to comment on your daughter’s shape, size, weight or personal style. She will get plenty of messaging from the rest of the world that’s she’s too fat/ugly/skinny/slutty/worthless. All she needs from you is approval and love.”

Stacey Abrams, running for governor in Georgia. Support her. Support women.

Lindy West: “I know there’s pressure not to be a dorky, try-hard male feminist stereotype; there’s always a looming implication that you could lose your spot in the club; if you seem opportunistic or performative in your support, if you suck up too much oxygen and demand praise, women will yell at you for that too. But I need you to absorb that risk. I need you to get yelled at and made fun of, a lot, and if you get kicked out of the club, I need you to be relieved, and I need you to help build a new one.”

Author Ludmilla Petrushevskaya: “Remember, everything you say to your husband, you say to your children. Silence is the only answer.”

Danica Patrick: “I’ll always be someone with an edge who isn’t afraid to make a little noise and push the envelope a little bit.”

Oh yes, please put sunscreen on your face.

A sexytime playlist.

Can you be allergic to sex stuff?

And now have a laugh with Maria Bamford.



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