Monday BARB UP July 17 2017

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And so, it has happened. When the new Doctor regenerates, the Time Lord will be a woman. The future is ever so female. And The Doctor? She’s about to take us through Time and Space on the Tardis, showing us what’s just ahead. Oh, yes, I am a Whovian. Came of age with The Doctor. When it wasn’t so obvious to me that one Doctor after another was male. But now, now, we are at the 13th. And she’s female. And I’m oh-so-happy.

Gwendoline Christie on GoT: “This was a television show that would put women at the forefront. We were going to explore female characters in a way that conventionally doesn’t happen.”

Rebecca Goyette: “And so for me, the female gaze is not about being an object for a male, it’s more about dissecting myself and finding out what I find pleasurable and showing that to other people, and being unafraid to share my sexual inclinations with other people through the work.”

Anda Andrei: “The day comes when you think, ‘I’m running out of time, and if you ever want to do anything else, the doors are closing. So I guess age was a major factor in deciding that it’s now or never. I can’t keep dreaming.”

Lucy Kellaway, nailing it: “Silver belongs to Angela Ahrendts who, in a Burberry annual report, wrote the most mysterious sentence ever composed in the English language: “In the wholesale channel, Burberry exited doors not aligned with brand status and invested in presentation through both enhanced assortments and dedicated, customised real estate in key doors.” I have showed it to many business experts over the years, but no one has ever been able to say what it means or explain why a raincoat maker could be talking so intently about doors.”

Things I love: a lot of things sci fi. So here’s the Blade Runner trailer, of which I am terribly excited about. And here is a thorough recap of GoT premiere.

Some thoughts on staying hydrated.

And now have a laugh with Maria Bamford.


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