Tuesday BARB UP July 25, 2017

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I’ve been working on BARB for all of 2017 thus far. BARB has made me so happy. I feel creative. I feel involved in the world. I feel interested again. I’m owning my creativity. And I’m loving it. I thank you for reading this. For being a part of it. For sharing. For commenting. For supporting me. Your support? It’s everything.

Rachel Maddow is scoring big.

Nuns coming to the rescue.

Maggie Haberman: “We are used to a team of rivals…We are not used to a team of the Bloods and Crips, which is essentially what this is, in the White House. These are rival gangs.”

The Brits are doing it for themselves, wage gap edition.

Gillian Moore: “We’ve gone from a situation where very little women’s music was being performed to a reasonable amount now. It’s still nothing like enough. ”

Natalie Merchant: “I remember when I started in the early Eighties, I was always the only girl in the room. Not just the musicians, but all of the tech people every time I went in the studio, record companies. As the Nineties progressed, I found that there were more and more women sound engineers and there were more women musicians – in my band, I had a female guitar player. It just felt like the Nineties was a time when there was a shift. I finally had an A&R person who was a woman. My lawyer was a woman. My publicist was a woman. I was consciously moving in that direction.”

Isabel Huppert: “I don’t feel old and asking women about ageing is very negative. It doesn’t concern me; it’s other people’s problem, not mine.”

Speaking of putting off things

Are you into camping? Wait, I mean backpacking.

To lube or not to lube.

In praise of a cold shower.

And now have a laugh with Paula Poundstone.



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