Wednesday BARB UP July 26, 2017

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Oh wow, how is it July 26th already? That Steve Miller lyric–‘”time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ into the future”–is ringing so very true and scary. My moments are flying by, without pausing to take it all in. Sigh. I was just on the beach with Rocky the Pug, the sun was beaming, he was canoodling with a brown and white cocker spaniel and I was in bliss. I had no sense of time and space, just the moment. Being with him. Watching the ocean. Feet squishing in the sand. Teeth unbrushed. It was nice. Really nice. I hope you have a second for a moment for yourself. It’s a sweet gift to yourself. And you ought to have something that’s just yours, if only briefly, every day.

Roxane Gay: “Creativity without constraint comes with responsibility. ”

Long distance relationships make…well, lots to be said on that!

I don’t need a human rights court telling me I can be horny in my 50’s, I know that already, but I don’t mind the rest of the world knowing that about women in their 50′s, so cool cool.

Great music made by talented women as anointed by NPR.

Charlize Theron: “I make fun of it and I don’t hide behind it, but I wish we didn’t always have to mention a woman’s age. Every single interview I’ve ever read of myself always has my age in brackets right next to it. I don’t see a lot of guys getting that same treatment. So I wish that we lived in a society where we’re not so age obsessed and we could actually just appreciate a person for who they are. And leave it at that.”

Family leave, from a man’s perspective.

Dry shampoo. I’m still intimidated by it.

The Suicide Girls. 

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Annie Lederman.






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