Monday BARB UP August 28, 2017

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I will keep this short as there is so much happening, and in particular, Hurricane Harvey. Here is a link to the Cause and Effect Fund. If you have a fund, that you’d like to recommend, please send it on in. Praying for you Texas, praying for you. And yes, this photo has made a reappearance; for some reason, I am having uploading new photos this morning. Mondays! What are you going to do?

Kathy Bates: “I feel I went through a stormy sea and now I’ve pulled into a beautiful harbor, and I want to be here for a while.”

Samantha Miller:  “Shoot, I stopped drinking 7 or 8 years ago because I stopped enjoying it. You know what’s funny? I hate to be overly judgmental but even if you have one glass of wine a night, I can tell. If I have an employee who drinks every night, I can tell. It doesn’t matter if they’re totally sober by the time they come to work. So [alcohol] has a material impact on your life. The opportunity to transition all aspects of your life—relaxation and escape—into something that is helpful and wellness oriented is cool.”

Marlo Thomas: “I always feel I learn something from their challenges that help me with mine.”

Roxane Gay: “I’ve simply just found the power of saying what I want to say. The great thing about writing is that you always have the opportunity to improve, as a thinker and as a communicator.”

Vanessa Grigoriadis: “There has been a lot of money poured into figuring out “what else can we do.” So bystander education is saying, if you see a girl who is completely wasted and you see some guy she barely knows putting his arm around her at 2 a.m. and moving her towards the door, you should definitely step in. This is the “after-school special” story. The idea that girls will look out for other girls has clearly been a thing forever. But this idea that a guy could come in and stop that? I think it’s interesting.”

The art of Fahrelnissa Zeid is a world of colorful wonder.

Dropping your child off at college is a pot full of feels. One of my favorite pieces of the year thus far.

Rashida Jones has a line of luggage that is cool looking and donates proceeds to  International Rescue Committee.

Another dream home option, for the supervillian that is you.

And now have a laugh with Tina Fey.



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