Tuesday BARB UP September 12, 2017

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I spent a lot of this past weekend, on my couch, in the throes of a cold, glued to coverage of Hurricane Irma. I was rivetted, desperate to know where Irma was hitting and when. I enjoyed the fake news item of sharks flying in the air thanks to Irma or the real news items of Floridians shooting at the wind. Things I don’t usually watch are reality shows, football games and weather reports (other than NY1, which I watch religiously). However, my 77 year old mother lives in the Miami area, she’s a widow now, and does not have a landline. So I was concerned for her safety. In retrospect, last week, I wasn’t paying too much mind to the weather reports (see above), but by Wednesday, I saw that I was foolish in my practices. By then, every flight out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale was sold out. Getting my mother out of dodge had to happen a different way. On Thursday, after many phone calls, my mother was convinced to leave her apartment. I was under the impression that she got in a car with neighbors and drove real far. Nope. That was not the case. Luckily. In fact, she went to the North Miami Beach Senior High School, which was functioning as an evacuation center, with her neighbors. While there, she made friends, she ate in a communal setting, she sent me video montages of flowers. We spoke several times a day, each day, each time me asking her to tell me what county she was in, or to send me a photo of the facade of where she was at. It took her a few days to admit that she was more or less still in town, in a Zone E. My mother is a card. But thankfully, one that chose safety.

Hillary Clinton’s book is finally out. YES.

Cassandra Deck-Brown: “We’ve broken a glass ceiling. So, becoming chief, the honor is knowing that somebody else has that opportunity to get there.”

Robbie Myers, who is leaving her Editor-in-Chief post at Elle: “When I started in this role, it was with the best mission an editor can give herself: To open women’s appetites.:

Beth Mowins: “Every woman I know in this business worked hard so we can talk about sports, not talk about us talking about sports, Ultimately, that’s the goal.”

Kate Spencer:  “But saying yes to my kids, and experiencing their exuberance that came along with it, felt really damn good.”

Darcy Steinke: “I hadn’t been looking for symptoms because, like every other premenopausal women, I didn’t think I’d suffer much from the change. I ate flaxseed and tofu. I did hot yoga and was always well hydrated. But these precautions did nothing to protect me.”

Stranger Things is coming back and so are the theories.

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Margaret Cho.


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