Wednesday BARB UP September 13, 2017

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Yesterday, my friend Andy texted me a shot of HillaryClinton  walking into a building. I realized that Hillary’s book was finally on sale. I looked in my wallet. I had a few shekels in there. I purchase all books written by people I know. I know how important buying a book is to the author herself; my daughter’s about to come out with a book, I’m very aware of this metric of success. It works in that similar and familiar refrain of “Every vote counts.” I went downtown, met Andy, walked over to the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. Police presence. Protestors hurling insults at passerby who threw shade at them. Long line of people wanting to purchase a book signed by Hillary. I didn’t need her signature. I wanted to continue in my support of Hillary. I don’t know that I will read the book. I know what happened. I watched it in real time. I have been following the fall-out of this reality show. I know how ingrained the misogyny is, how blind certain members of our nation are to the obvious, I know, I know, I know. And I care, so deeply. So I will own Hillary’s book. I will probably buy multiple copies to give to my friends. And I will always be with her. Always.

Stop telling Hillary to go away, you fucking sexists.

Alicia Garza:  “It took me a long time to figure out that I didn’t have to do everything, that it was actually a lot more helpful if I did a couple things really, really well than a whole bunch of things really badly, or nothing at all because the whole thing was overwhelming.”

Nicole Krauss: “There’s something that happens when you decide to very deliberately leave behind a form that you had assumed for many years, very religiously—marriage, being a wife. There is a certain sense of power that comes with it. Suddenly you remember that you have an extraordinary amount of control over who you are and how you live.”

Edith Windsor, RIP.

On Queer.

WTF She Shed?

The best NY Pizza? It’s in Jerz!

So are you exclusive or not?


Sex toys stuff.

And now have a laugh with Michelle Wolf!


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