Thursday BARB UP September 14, 2017

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This is going to be a short intro; my day today includes being in midtown, being downtown, being in the LES, being at The Teenager’s school and then finally, at UCB. No laptop with me. Just a notebook. My iPod touch. And a book to read. Check out my interview with Alison Becker, who can now add filmmaker to her long list of impressive credits! Okay, onto the links.

Toni Morrison: “There is a perfectly good reason for the part colorism plays in literature. It was the law.”

Billie Jean King: “My mother was always very kind to others, no matter what. They were homophobic because it really was an indicator of their generation more than anything. They figured it out eventually. It was a long, hard trip, and I didn’t get comfortable in my own skin until I was 51, when I went through an eating disorder.”

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m angry too. Preach, Hillary, preach.

What Brock Turner now means.

Sex stories.

And now have a laugh with Laurie Kilmartin.


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