Monday BARB UP September 25, 2017

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The wave of taking-a-knee made me emotional, hopeful. These mighty athletes—purveyors of masculinity and brotherhood—pushed too far, took a stand. And took the knee. As I lay in bed last night, I scoured Instagram. It wasn’t simply those of us who have marched in protest these last almost-ten months; it was the ones who have stood by in silence all along. And these athletes? They’ve been rather quiet. That is, until they were used as pawns. And so, my feminist response? Ride this. Ride this. Ride this.

Sally Kohn: “We have to fight to solve this existential conundrum, to not only articulate but make actionable a vision in which America not only works better for communities of color and women and queer folks and poor people, but also for working class whites.”

Angela Merkel still rules.

Men, men, men, manly men.

Feminist are Will and Grace. Well, Grace specifically.

Oh teenagers. Leave them alone.

Glitter vaj.

Glasses that curtail computer eye strain.

Halloween is coming.

And now have a laugh with Yamaneika Saunders.


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