Tuesday BARB UP September 26, 2017

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Oh there are so many scary things in the midst at the moment, so in today’s BARB, I’d like to give you some feel-good links. Enjoy the view.

Ruby Karp’s book on surviving being a teenager, Earth Hates Me, comes out next week. Pre-order it now. If you have a teenager in your midst, it’s a useful insider’s guide.

Star Trek Discovery is a show with women, badass ones.

Also baby pug video.

What is this whole Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging thing?

Fingernail repair, something I need on the reg.

Also Keratin, which I still don’t understand, what the difference is between that and shampoo?

Do you believe in Reiki?

Hot flash. Oh yes.

Signs of stroke.

Musicians kneeing.

Drag on Mermaid.

Sex stuff.

And now, have a laugh with Seth Meyers.


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