Monday BARB UP October 9, 2017.

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I’m watching the unravelling of Harvey Weinstein, figurehead, with interest. I have been at the what feels like the helpless end of office place harassment. You need your paycheck. You have your eye on a promotion. You’re chasing fame. You worry your name will be mud if it gets out that you stood up for yourself, you besmirched the company, you brought attention to a problem that has an actual name. But. And it’s an important But. You need to fight for yourself. Whether you work at a family run business where nepotism is de rigeur or whether you work for an egalitarian corporation that walks the walk. If you find yourself in a corner by a person with incredible power or even someone who has a similar title to yours or anything in between, you too have power. You may not end up as a front page story in the New York Times and by the way you don’t need to. Your reward is greater than fifteen minutes, your power will last you your lifetime. You have the power to walk. You have the power to make a change in your situation. You have the power not to be motivated by revenge, but your sense of personal safety. Use your power.

Gloria Steinem: “And the body, for sex and race, is the source of our problem. If we didn’t have wombs, we’d be fine.”

Michelle Obama: “I have been at so many tables with so many fools who were imposters.”

Robin Morgan: “Feminism is experiential; it’s comparing notes. And when those stories get told and you realize it’s not just you, it’s bigger, there’s just a huge sigh of relief. Otherwise you think you’re crazy. I thought I was the only woman ever to possibly have faked an orgasm. The first time everybody in my circle said, ‘oh, you too?’, it was literally like [exhales contentedly].”

Mona Chalabi: “Perhaps we’ve dipped a toe in the younger male waters and been burned by the sleeveless shirts, the sheetless beds, the unbridled selfishness. But sisters! We must persevere. If not for ourselves, then for one another. I hereby swear that I will not take an eligible older man out of the dating pool — to do so would be to slap future-me in the face but it would also signal to men my age that it’s O.K., you have time.”

I’ve been following the story of the tragic death of journalist Kim Wall, who was on a story, allegedly murdered by her subject. Now her remains have been found. Sigh.

The new dystopia.

Gen X-ers are now middle-aged. Yerp.

Have you been watching One Mississippi?

And now have a laugh with Caroline Rhea.


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