Lady Parts: A BARB Beauty Series

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Lady Parts: A BARB Beauty Series

by Stacy Conde

This edition:  A Check In

I can’t with these past few weeks.  Hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, mass shooting in Vegas, Weinstein, that lunatic who calls himself “president,” Tom Petty…it’s such a lot and it’s certainly not an environment in which “beauty” matters one iota. It felt wrong to talk about grey hair and face creme when the world was imploding.  
It still feels wrong days/weeks later, but when I see my friends in Napa rallying together to donate supplies and raise funds for people who need it most… it gives me the love feels. There are some pretty magically fantastic people out there.  
Weinstein… I want to wash my hands after typing that word. Disgusting. “Me Too.” I haven’t yet voiced that, but there it is. I’m not a fan of the social media “repost” movements, but as I watched them stack up, from women I know and adore, I felt the empowerment as much as I felt the hurt. I have a lot of superbly mean words for anyone who dares to cross that harassment line — whether it’s with physical actions or words. I’ve voiced my stance quite publicly recently and I’ll do it again. I get angry. When I’m angry, I have a lot of sharp words. No one wants to see me angry.  
This is a beauty column, so I’ll leave you with this: you are beautiful… you fund raisers, supply gatherers, women’s marchers, Planned Parenthood supporters. Because of you, I am not just some lunatic, raving over here at a wall by myself. I am part of something bigger. And with that… I can keep getting out of bed every day. I can put on my slippers and stumble into my daily regime which includes all the lotions, potions and the new Fenty translucent powder with the magnetic mini brush.
💪❤ stacy
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