Lady Parts: Beauty In Strength

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Lady Parts: A BARB Beauty Series

By Stacy Conde

This Edition: Beauty in Strength 💪💄

Featuring Chris Rios

We’re not done with this topic.

It’s still so raw. I like to think of myself as a sassy, take-no-nonsense-from-nobody girl, but I know that all the angry words in the world won’t stop a predator/harasser. Sometimes we can’t even find the words to try; because we’re either so dumbfounded by the nerve of these numbnuts, or worse, because we physically aren’t able to speak.    

There is such major beauty in strength. It’s one thing to be all skinny in your tiny jeans, but to be strong is everything. And by “strong,” I’m not suggesting that has to be you with a 40 grams of protein shake at the gym (though if that is you, then I’m impressed). You can take whatever path works. We don’t judge.   I know I should learn the chops to be able to really serve up the bite to my bark.  I haven’t done it yet, but Chris Rios has…and she is my spirit animal.  🐯

xo Stacy


Of course a new haircut, fresh highlights, this season’s “it”color lipstick and/or those new Saint Laurent boots can make us feel and look BEAUTIFUL. ATTRACTIVE. CONFIDENT. SEXY. All of the above.

But there is something to say about Beauty in STRENGTH. Whether I’m in spin class, kickboxing, pilates or hiking, I feel strong and powerful. Yes I am doing it to stay fit and, let’s be honest, to balance out my chips, salsa & margarita intake 😜…but I feel empowered. I feel like I can take on the world. I feel kick-ass and could ass kick anyone who tried to get too close for comfort. Not to mention, exercise prevents muscle loss, reduces stress and enhances the blood flow to your skin which gives you that natural glow you can’t get from a bottle!

Here is a self-defense video I did with my kickboxing teacher and black belt martial arts bad ass Keith Cooke!


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