Monday BARB UP November 6, 2017.

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Upper West Side in November is a hub of activity. On a humid and wet Sunday, I walked out of my apartment, into a sea of blue capes. The ponchos of the New York Marathon Runners. I noted to Leslie, who was uptown with her kids to welcome their Dad who ran the Marathon as well, that while everyone must have been so exhausted, they looked exhilarated. Beyond the runner’s high. They’d achieved this incredible feat. Some runners walked with families and friends, many on their own. Faces ebullient. On the subway, rush-hour packed, (for a Sunday that is) with Marathoners and their loud companions. Oh so loud, by the way. News of what happened in Texas still unknown to so many. For now, it’s just on running.

““I’ve been dreaming of a moment like this since I was a little girl,” Shalane Flanagan, 36, said after holding off Mary Keitany of Kenya on Sunday.CreditUli Seit for The New York Times.”

Another mass murder. A tragedy, in Texas.

Roxane Gay:  “When they go low, we must be willing to go subterranean.”

Sheila Nevins: “I think aging scares people because when they look at someone who is older, they see that that person has less time than maybe they do, or that there is a clock ticking, I don’t care whether you’re 25 or 85, there is a clock, there is a metronome in your life, and that scares people. That’s why older people get face-lifts and do all these crazy things to ourselves so that we don’t scare other people. I don’t want to walk in a room and look like everybody’s mother. And that’s why you get injections and you do all sorts of ridiculous things to yourself and you feel better about it and probably they feel better about you because you’re camouflaging the thing that they fear the most, which is their death, which is the great equalizer.”

Exene Cervenka: “I’m always looking for the underlying causes of things. I don’t just accept anything.”

NY Marathon, hey!

Punk Rock is girl rock.

WTF is dermarolling?

And now have a laugh with Dulce Sloan.


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