Tuesday BARB UP November 7, 2017

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Like so many of us, this Election Day anniversary is simply painful. Some of us may have cause to celebrate, but not me. Not me. Occasionally, to this day, I will listen, teeth gritting, while someone tries to explain how corrupt Hillary is, or how they simply don’t like her, and blah blah blah. Really. I suck my breath. I don’t want to engage. I am already in pain. Plus, that person settled for the alternative. I even know people who voted for Trump because they believed in him. Again, I won’t fall into the pitfall of their reasoning. I’m a snob, I’ve been told, a bleeding heart liberal, etc. Yes, I’m all that and more. I’m a woman who wants stability. I’m a woman who wants a social security stipend. I’m a woman in need of a Planned Parenthood facility. I’m a New Yorker, struggling to make ends meet, a believer in survival, despite what is happening to me and so many of my once-colleagues-over-50 professionally right now. Last year, the lines coming out of the school where I cast my ballot were filled with New Yorkers excited. Today, the voting booths were empty; I was the 143rd person to cast my ballot at 9:45am. As I walked out, the woman who directed me to my voting booth gave me a sticker. A reminder that as a woman, I should be in fact celebrating. Women have had the right to vote now for 100 years. White women, that is. Women of Color got to do so in 1965.  Still that, that the Second Sex got their First Shot? That is a milestone not to be denied.

Cynthia Enloe: “Patriarchy’s beneficiaries count on us getting tired.”

Jessica Bennett is now at the Times and coming out of the gate swinging: “It’s worth noting that the campaign slogan back then, on buttons and bumper stickers rather than Facebook and Twitter, was not “Me Too” but “I Believe Anita” — a message of solidarity, not self-exposure.”

Exene Cervenka: “We lived this all the time, being in X.”

Ronan Farrow is on it.

An unapologetic ode to cancelling plans.

I’m so obsessed with these Duckfeet boots. Size 7 if anyone is thinking of buying me an early holiday gift.


And now have a laugh with Maria Bamford.


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