Monday BARB UP November 20, 2017

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I live with my child and my dog, Rocky. My daughter has long since moved from sleeping in her mom’s bed, save for the occasional nightmare, but Rocky, well, he’s steadfast. He remains a staple in my nighttime ritual. Which goes a little like this: I shut the apartment down. I look for Rocky. He sees me coming at him, arms outstretched. And…he has me chase him around the dining room table. He’s a character, my dog. You see, if I don’t bring him into my bed—and yes, I do need to bring him, as he can’t jump onto my bed, it’s too high—he will circle my bed, whining. Yes, whining. This insistent whimper that reaches down your spine. While my dog is well-behaved, he’s trained me to accept his presence in my bed. Once there, he’ll find a spot to nestle in. Usually, by my feet. Until that is, I turn off the lights. Then he will manage to burrow underneath of the blankets, and remain there until he gets too hot. Oh, my dog, he is a character. And so, he’s allowed to run the nighttime ritual.

Amber Tamblyn: “The important message for me is to always say ‘believe first, question later,’ and that we have to stand as a unified front. You can’t just be looking at your own future, as a woman. You have to be looking left and right and [at] who’s next to you and who’s behind you that’s not being supported, who can you bring with you. Because an army is just not strong enough if we’re all not holding each other’s stories as strongly as we can.”

Rob Corddry: “Stop weighing Weinstein against Louis. Quit the narrative about who’ll be back. No “innocent until proven guilty” until someone is charged. All this preserves the toxic environment that allowed bad behavior. Instead preserve the safe space for victims to keep coming forward.”

Samantha Bee: “Here’s what it’s been like for me and a lot of the women I know. Even if no one exposes his penis to you, you’re still dealing with a parade of total dicks. Like lady-blind pieces of crap who interrupt you in every meeting. And when you do get to talk, forget to write your jokes down.”

Tig Notaro:  “I don’t want to go into the Louis stuff. The positive of that particular situation is whatever someone’s intentions are there, meaning him, the positive is that victims were not told they’re lying anymore, and that was the positive that came from that, and that’s it as far as I’m concerned. That’s all I took from that.”

It’s not cozy in the kitchen, either.

So the way to make money is through food videos. Makes sense.

Gen-Xer’s on the verge of The Change. “Sometimes at the very beginning of a hot flash, when your face is prickly and the sweat is just starting and the lights in your living room seem to suddenly strobe, you convince yourself that it’s 1987 and you are back at Man Ray dancing to the Sisters of Mercy, and it’s not the end of the world as you know it and you feel fine, really.”

Sex Stuff.

And now have a laugh with Tig Notaro.


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