Monday BARB UP November 27, 2017

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Such a hard transition, it is for me, to go from a four day weekend to a work-based week. A week that’s circadian rhythm revolves around a 9-5 hierarchy. I am in between jobs, and yet, I still find the luxury of languishing around my home to being back on the treadmill of preparing lunch, watching my child leave for school, like that to be a source of resentment. I want more time to myself, more time with my child, more time in general. Oh, my day of Thanksgiving was idyllic; being home until it was time to go to our dear friends’s holiday dinner, only to be home by 7:30, back on the couch. Doing nothing, really. Watching the riveting documentary series, Active Shooter. Waiting until my child came home, like that. These holidays that revolve around family time is a salve for me, I cherish them. And now, I’ll head off into my day, my weekend a warm blanket of a good memory behind me.

My daughter, Ruby Karp, wrote a book, Earth Hates Me and NowThisHer featured Ruby. Enjoy!

Ruby Karp and Confronting a Teacher About Rape

'Believing in equality is not aggressive.' — This 17-year-old writer and comedian has some amazing advice for girls everywhere

Posted by NowThis Her on Friday, November 24, 2017

Big Sonia, and her pearls of wisdom.

Karen O.: “I had some funny ideas about what a rock star should look like, and the top of that list was sweat — it was about being free and being strong.”

Uma, I can’t wait.

I do, I do want a wife.

Stickers for those of us who ride the subway.

How do you reconcile your fandom with their behavior?

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Jackie Kashian.



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