Tuesday BARB UP November 28, 2017

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With the exception of the cup of coffee (substitute it with a green iced tea), this is my ideal creative life. A keyboard, my camera, a plant I’m nurturing, and a notebook. I look forward to trying to put the thoughts in my head into a tangible format; in my childhood it was a notebook, in my teens it was a typewriter and as an adult, it was a computer that was the conduit for my fertile creative mind. My Dad fostered that creativity, upgrading the typewriters with better models–we even owned an electric typewriter, when those became a thing–encouraging me to write, write, write. And so I did, and I haven’t stopped.

Shonda Rhimes: “I learned everything at “Grey’s Anatomy.” But I think what I am most proud of are the women.”

Amy Sherman-Palladino:  I think drama has gotten out of the habit of comedy and finding the absurdity in life and relationships and tragedy. It feels like you’re very, very serious or you’re very, very not serious, and I just personally have never found that that’s my reality.”

Supermoon time is nigh.

Everything you wanted to know about a meet-cute, British Royal style.

Greenland Shark tales.

I’ve been watching the series, Active Shooter, and so this look at why people do mass shootings is very interesting to me.

And now have a laugh with Laurie Kilmartin!


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