Wednesday BARB Up November 28, 2017

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I tried an experiment yesterday. I wanted to see how important social media was to BARB’s livelihood. Usually, when I put a BARB post up, I link to Facebook, I post on Instagram. Soon I will be adding Pinterest. (Happy to take other suggestions as well.) The Twitter as well, now with all its character possibility and Tumblr too. Looking for people who want to know about the mind of a Gen-Xer, who are looking to connect with their older busty self (a deep cut), who want to read about other women over 40 saying things that matter. I love blogging, it’s been my life raft in this year of chronic disappointment and occasional highs.  Blogging isn’t for every person, but it is for me. More so than any other way to communicate with the world outside my laptop. And I need to continue to blog, if only so I have my anchor in my day. My experiment yesterday showed me that I also need to communicate that I’m doing so. A re-post of an older entry, and about ten views. Message received. In order for you to know that I’m here, I have to let you know. Until that moment when you just know that I’ll always be here, I’ll continue to shout out to you, Monday through Friday. And tomorrow, I will return to the very important topic of having One Night Stands, which I am all thumbs up about.

Amy Richards: “We have nearly achieved the first promise of feminism: empowering women to realize their full potential. But we haven’t come close to tackling the second: challenging male superiority and entitlement.”

Octavia Spencer:  “I feel like a Cersei Lannister, but I’m really a Daenerys.”

See some of the people who outted some of the sexual harassers.

Oh our beautiful bodies.

Sleeping is fundamental.

Courting, dolphin style.

The isle of Barbuda, in the wake of Irma.

Oh, the magic of One Night Stands. Yes I said it: MAGIC.

And now have a laugh with Maria Bamford.


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