Friday BARB UP December 1, 2017

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Yep. It’s already December. One more month to the end of one very loooooooong year. Beyond Lauer, Louis, O’Reilly, Rose, Weinstein, all of them, all the horrible predators and of course 45, leaning in on my soul. I’m exhausted. Here’s to the weekend. I am sorely in need of two days off from the grind although the weight of my world rests heavily on my shoulders. All that needs to be accomplished, all by me. Still. It is my work, the work familiar to women, the way it is for me. Sigh. Two days where, while I live with  day-to-day stress, I can pretend that some of those pressures are off the table: the business world is not in operation, there’s no school, there’s no need to wake up first thing in the morning to make breakfast, prep lunch. And those daily tentpoles lend to the weight, the magnitude of it. So for two days, I don’t have any of “it” to deal with, it’s a far off pressure, and I can just breathe. So, yay for me.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Cindy Alexander’s video, Soul Quake!

Sure go after Nancy Pelosi. Nice move, assholes.

Beatrix Ost: “I’m standing with all that knowledge of quite an interesting and long life. But I’m suddenly by myself; and it’s glorious to be myself, but it’s also scary. So I feel like teenager in some way, which is interesting. I’m not so secure marching into that thing that one calls old age. It’s an experiment isn’t it?”

Not every woman wants a baby.

These women are giving swimming lessons.

The blues do not care that it is a sunny day.

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Matt Lauer. Heh heh heh.

Why you ought to raise a girl with a sense of humor.

And now have a laugh with Beth Stelling.


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