Monday BARB UP December 11, 2017

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Snow fell on New York City this weekend and it was glorious. Right now, in New York City, with reports on a possible terrorist attack, the sobering reality of the world at large hits bitterly. Stay safe, my New Yorkers. My Los Angelinos, battling the Santa Ana Winds, you too. And Alabama, go Doug Jones. Sigh. Stay positive, keep that smile on. It does get better.

Marsha Warfield: “Nobody should have to hide their sexuality. No parent should ask their child to. There should be no shame in being gay. And, I ain’t mad at Patti LaBelle. I’m mad at the people who are.”

Roxane Gay wraps up her, I mean the, Outlander season.

More thoughts on Sylvia Plath.

The sixth Silence Breaker on that Time cover.

I’m super into the reindeer boob sweater look.

Sex stuff.

I actually do smile while on the elliptical so there’s that.

A candle that smells like sun tan lotion? Yes, please, get this for me.

Anya Hindmarch Suntan Lotion Candle.

And now have a laugh with Nicole Byer.


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