BARB Booty: The SpaRitual Earl Grey Collection

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Here’s another edition of BARB Booty, this time featuring the Earl Grey Collection from SpaRitual. All three items are hydrating formulas for you skin, an imperative for wintertime. Here we go!

Foot Cream!

The Earl Grey Oil Salve. 

I have a friend with the softest feet ever (how do I know this? She let me touch them!) Her secret? She moisturizes her feet! Nothing is cracked or parched or rough. And so, at age 42, I began using foot cream, ever in hopes of that soft skin my friend has. I use foot cream religiously; I was so pleased to discover the Oil Salve from SpaRitual. You will too. The oil goes a step further than creams, in that way that only oil can.

Body Moisturizer!

The Earl Grey Body Souffle.

Winter brings the dry skin floating on a cloud. And for that, we have the Earl Grey Body Souffle. (What is a souffle? A fancy term for uber-hydrating moisturizer.) I like the airy quality of SpaRitual’s Earl Grey Body Souffle. I think you might as well.


A Scrub!

The Earl Grey Teatox Body Scrub

A scrub that smells like your morning breakfast tea? Yes. For those of us that take to exfoliating, this is a aromatic treat!


That’s it for skin treatments! If you try any of these out, let me know how you fare!





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