Wednesday BARB Up January 3, 2018

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So Day Three of One Year of No Indulgences. (Also, let’s be clear: these are trifling matters. But as I continue to evolve as a person, these are some of the personal matters I am tackling, and they sit outside my activism, my awakened politicized being, and my interest in women in general.) I realized last night that under the umbrella of cosmetics, falls a few outliers. For instance, I use eyeliner every single day. I use a Black Trish McEvoy (comes with a sharpener), a violet Charlotte Tilbury and a black or a purple Urban Decay pencil. What to do when I run out of all of these pencils that I keep on rotation? Well. Therein comes the loopholes, where I allow for exceptions. In the case of eyeliner, I will use the pencils to the nubs. All of them. And when I’ve run out of every single option, then and only then will I allow myself to restock the supply. So, eyeliner is solved. No new lipstick tubes still holds. Moisturizer is allowable. Make up wipes are allowable. Shampoo and hair product, allowable. Hair garments—elastics, headbands, hair clips, hair brushes and combs—are what I consider an indulgence and therefore, not to be bought in the year of 2018, unless I’ve run out of hair ties. Which, honestly, seems impossible as I live in a household with two females, and there seems to be an ever lasting supply. Whew. Now onto the rest of the issues.

Meryl Streep: “I do think if the world is going to go on, we have to find out a way to work together, and know that it’s better for men if they respect us deeply as equals.”

Tiffany Haddish: “I had auditioned for “S.N.L.” three different times, so to me it was, “Finally, I’m here.” And I was super grateful to be there in that capacity, as opposed to as a regular performer. To be a host is a super big honor. I couldn’t believe I was the first black woman comedian to do it.”

Lindy West: “Sexism is a male invention. White supremacy is a white invention. Transphobia is a cisgender invention. So far, men have treated #MeToo like a bumbling dad in a detergent commercial: well-intentioned but floundering, as though they are not the experts.”

Tracee Lee Ross: “I’m going to pay attention to the reality of my life and the audacity of my dreams instead of the expectation I was raised with.”

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Cinema is made for beautiful people, you can’t pretend that beauty and age have no importance in this job. You can feel the decline when you hit 40. I had an agent who said, ‘It’s the beginning of the end.'”

How do you feel about alimony?

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Laurie Kilmartin.


Of course, now that I am “off-indulgences,” I’m staring at these.

Gola, Size 7’s baby.



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