Friday BARB UP January 5, 2018

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I have historically been a light sleeper. A person who functions highly on six hours of slumber, who sleeps throughout the night with intermittent bathroom breaks and who uses a mouth guard due to teeth grinding. I have worked with these parameters well, without complaint. In the last few weeks, a new dimension has been introduced into my realm: temperature fluctuation. I am always cold. When I walk into a hotel room, I pump up the heat. I like sleeping under numerous cozy comforters. So for me, to feel a little bit too hot? It’s unheard of. I suspect something is afoot, something that Germaine Greer called, “The Change.”

Daphne Merkin: “Stripping sex of eros isn’t the solution. Nor is calling out individual offenders, one by one. We need a broader and more thoroughgoing overhaul, one that begins with the way we bring up our sons and daughters.”

Masha Gessen: “I get really nervous when impossible phrases are created.”

Rose McGowan: “What I’ve done is give a voice to women, to show them that it’s okay to be angry.”

Pom-pom’s on a  sock for the win!

Jodi Kantor on the Daily Show!

Is magnesium the answer to my sleep issues?

PS, I’m both. 

Eye candy.

Sex stuff.

A vibrator necklace?

And now have a laugh with Leighann Lord!


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