Tuesday BARB UP January 9, 2018

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In a few months, my daughter will have graduated high school. I have a sense of where she’s going to; it’s far enough that my home will be in fact so very empty. I know how much I will miss her; that’s just obvious. In raising her on my own, so much has been on my shoulders—supporting us financially, emotionally, physically. Sometimes it’s been overwhelming (if any of you have tackled spending time with a three year-old, you know what I mean). The beauty of time is that the hard bits fade into the background. I can joke now at how many times my elementary school aged child was late to school, because I couldn’t get out of bed, but at the time, getting out of bed was the challenge of my funk-ridden days. Now, with just months left with her as a student in my home, I cling to the little rituals I implemented for myself over the years, which includes preparing her school lunch.  The Teenager goes to a public school, where lunch is indeed provided. Every so often, when I mention my diligent effort, a person will wonder why a Teenager isn’t making her own lunch? The answer is in the aforementioned. This little thing that I do—getting out of bed at 7am to fill a brown paper bag with a yogurt, a sandwich, a fruit, a beverage, a sweet—is something I love to do. When I have a fever, when it’s cold outside, when I am suffering, I will make that lunch. And I will continue to do so until June 26, 2018, when she graduates high school.

Roseanne Barr: “Actually, I think I would be a better president than Oprah and Susan Sarandon. Possibly even President Trump.”

Gayle King also has something to add on this Oprah thing.

Sally Kohn: “We must start listening to our own language and how, in ways we may not even intend, we give oxygen to underlying indignity on which overt and violent misogyny grows. It’s a small piece of a bigger problem, one we could all start paying more attention to in all its forms.”

A guide to keeping your hands off my ass.

What we hear when we say the word “poor.”

Listen, if you want to give me your hardcopy of Fire and Fury, I will take it.

The pay gap, the school teacher edition.

Twitter Verification. Ooooh, spine tingling.


Sex stuff.

I’m still not purchasing things for myself and so, I continue to covet. Today, this exquisite marigold top from Frame Denim.

Frame Denim Waffle Crew Neck Sweater (I’m a size small)

And now have a laugh with Fortune Feimster.


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