Wednesday BARB UP January 10, 2018

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I’m writing today from Irving Farm, which is where I go on the days that are dedicated to writing. No tome will get written unless you do the writing, right? I’m keeping this short because Irving Farm doesn’t have wifi, the way Starbucks does, where you login and you click “Yes” to whether you like tangerines or some shit. I’m a regular here, even while the staff seems to be rotating regularly. The kids behind the counter can anticipate that I will order a green iced tea, that I will get lost in the back, only to emerge to use the one rest room or leave. I like working here, mostly because there is no wifi which means my procrastination techniques (internet browsing, observation of the cuticles, random attempts at meditation) is rather limited. I’m keeping this intro short today, as I have a window of wifi, thanks to my phone, but hello, data is expensive. Have an awesome Wednesday and please do read the NY Times piece on Tonya Harding, I mean, Tonya Price.


Sacre Bleu! The women of France want the women of America that a pat on the butt is just a pat on the butt, not a line crossed. (Me: So, um, what?)

Tonya Price: I disappointed them. It’s like, how can I disappoint a whole state? Wait a second, how can I disappoint a whole country?”

People in their 20′s. Am I right?

The Women’s March is coming, the Women’s March is coming!

Small talk has never been my forte; speaking to people I don’t know at gatherings (events, parties, funerals)? Torture. Still. Tips are welcome.

Me, on The Pause. Still looking for a cover photo, suggestions welcome.

And now have a laugh with Janeane Garofalo.


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