Friday BARB UP January 12, 2018

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As a parent, “you must be so proud” is something that is often mentioned when your child achieves something, like a 1400 SAT score or hitting a home run. And while you are proud by these kinds of things as a parent, you’re also proud in the quieter moments. When you watch your child sleep. When you walk to school with your child, her tiny hand in yours. When your child says “Thank you,” “Please,” and is kind to people. When your child is bold. Even when your child cries, knowing she has such access to her feelings. A parent’s sense of pride is ever-present. I’m even proud of other people’s children: I watched Julia Louis Dreyfus’s sons honor her last day of chemo, and tears came to my eyes, watching their profound love for their mother, celebrating her with humor and Michael Jackson. My friend shared his Lifecake album with me, and seeing him with his baby made me proud to know him, and that little baby smile, that little baby joy. Pride is a swell. A beautiful one. It’s a lifeforce too, of reinforcement, of letting your child know that you love them. Which is why I envelope pride in everything I feel for my child; I’m always proud of her, I’m always happy for her when she feels excited about something, and also, I’m always right behind her when she feels upset, anxious, worried. I always have her back. Always. And so, yes, I’m so proud of my daughter, featured below in the video link. I’m also elated for her and I’m psyched for her. I’m her mom. And that too, that’s what I am so very proud of.


Kate Tuttle: “Let’s not fight each other. Let’s fight for each other. The only way to beat the old boys’ network is to form our own network, one that links all kinds of women.”

Gabrielle Union: “My face must have made a deal with the devil, but my lower back is telling all the tales.”

Don’t be one of the guys. Just don’t.

Me, The Pause, and Entry #3.

I slept on these sheets and now I am obsessed with one day owning them.

Piglet Linen Sheets. I’m a Queen Size.

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Alice Wutterland.



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