The Pause: Entry #4/Tracking My Body While It Does Its Thing.

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Sunday, Jauary 14, 2018.

So basically, I’m a self-heating oven, one with a mind of her own. Now, I have ascertained how to sleep. I begin with the obvious: in comfort. Whatever I am wearing, I am not married to. Put on, put off. The main thing, and this is key, is that my feet are uncovered. Once the warm envelopes me, I know now to allow my foot to breathe. To get the air it needs.

This, this I have learned in the weeks that I have been documenting The Pause. Keep the feet aired.

I’m also finding it difficult to find books on menopause that I connect with. I’m not attracted to the shiny happy faces on book covers with promises of a sunshine existence. I am scared, really. Of what’s next for my body.

Right now, what I know is this: Keep the feet aired.

Also: please recommend books and sites. I need to find a virtual community of women. I have so many questions.


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