Wednesday BARB UP January 17, 2018

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So. Week Three of No Indulgent Shopping.

Cosmetics are a dire Achilles Heel for me. There is a Blue Mercury store at the base of the building I live in. I ignore it like I ignore the 16 Handles (sugar factory!) and the wine store (okay that’s not really a temptation as I don’t drink) and the gym (that’s just a natural avoidance, although really, I should go, like right now.)

So. I have walked into Sephora SEVERAL times without making a purchase. I went to the Bobbi Brown counter, and lovingly swathed on my eyelids some shimmering eye shadow. (For the record, in my real life, I do not wear eye shadow; it’s just this boycott that’s allowing me to think I covet it!) I went to another aisle filled with pink product, grabbed a black-violet colored pencil, and lined my eyes. And then I started in with the lipsticks. Layer under layer of shades went on; if you would have gently placed a finger onto my body lip, you would have lost it in plum hued mush. Still. I was not tempted to reach for my card. I walked out, triumphant. Looking a little like Carol Channing, yes, but still. Victorious in that I was empty handed. So I would say, I’m doing well.

Consent. It’s at the heart of this. And at such low, low, low cost.

Ann Curry: “I know what it’s like to be humiliated. I just don’t want to play a part in anyone else’s humiliation.”

Senator Diane Feinstein is a badass.

Are you at all interested in flotation devices?

The news about Larry Nassar is devastating. That’s the face of sexual assault, male privilege and abuse of power.

Noel Wells has set up an Etsy store and it’s glorious.

Werking it.

Grieving is its own thing.

Your eyes are dry? Okay. Me too.

I’m super into denim, beyond jeans. And this top by Nilii Lotan is no exception to my coveting.

Nilii Lotan Denim Top, ooh la la

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Ms. Pat.


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