Monday BARB UP January 22, 2018

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We showed up, ladies and gents, we showed up for the second year in a row. The Women’s March was held this weekend, and women all over the country came out in force. Last year, my daughter marched with her friends; this year, she was with me, at my side, or nearby. (Sometimes holding onto a piece of me, as I stood to take photos). As we walked into the throng of people, waiting to walk, on west 77th, the enveloping sense of calm and unity overwhelmed me. I was silently emotional. So many of us. So many of us. All here, clamoring to walk along Central Park West. We stood, as we did last year, for hours, bodies respectful of bodies, hands holding posters, women and men awaiting. The patience. The defiance. The sense of everything. Oh, the posters. My favorite, that I didn’t capture, was: This Episode of Black Mirror Sucks. So perfect. We are so disappointed by this year, this year of a President, ignorant, racist, misogynist. A liar. And the volumes of people, the outpouring of presence, is a powerful force. To be at my daughter’s side? Nowhere I’d rather be.

RUTH BADER GINSBURG (!!!): ““Every woman of my vintage knows what sexual harassment is, although we didn’t have a name for it. The attitude to sexual harassment was simply, get past it. Boys will be boys.”

Elizabeth Wurtzel: ” I like the person I am with cancer and because of cancer.”

Gabrielle Carteris: “Make no mistake, this is not a moment in time, this is a movement.”

Cher: Stay strong and remember, if you don’t have a vote, you don’t have a voice.”

NY Times.

A woman said this: “I think being a feminist means pro-abortion, emasculating your men, and no room for any common ground or dialogue.”

Not only is it the one year anniversary of the Women’s March, but January 22, 1973 is when we got Roe V Wade.

Roz Chast: “Winter is really here, no vestige of fall. Four-thirty rolls around and it’s getting dark, and I’m thinking, Do I need anything? But why bother? Why ask for trouble? There isn’t much motivation to go outside. It’s ‘Why don’t I just open a can of tuna?’ month.”

Toddlers who topple.

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