Wednesday BARB UP January 31, 2018

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I slept in the other day and it was GLORIOUS. The Teenager was at school, Rocky had been walked and fed. I had some things to do, and I thought, for a change, I will do it from my bed. I never do that, because it’s dangerous. I love my bed. I love being in it. It’s my place. Where I feel comfortable. And I was in a bit of discomfort, my ear infection raging, as I was on the amoxycillin just one day thus far. So. I lifted Rocky, put him in my bed and joined him. I had my laptop. I launched the work I needed to dig into. And that was it. My eyes must have closed. (I can never pinpoint that moment when I lull my way into sleep. Is that just me?) At about 12:30, I startled myself awake. Rocky paid me no mind, he continued to snore away. I felt so rested. I felt so great. I felt happy. I’d slept a morning away. What a gift. What a gift I gave myself.

Nancy Pelosi: “If his nose isn’t running and he isn’t burping, he did a great speech.”

Cindy Gallop:  “I don’t want to see ads about #MeToo. I don’t want to see stunts about it. I don’t want to see beautiful pieces of video content about it. I want to see it actually happening and being lived.”

Nancy Alderman: “I hoped at least at the outset it would be good for women to feel or imagine what it would be like to be in a position of control. It’s always nice to have a little peek and see how society would look from the other side.”

Dr. Ruth: “By concentrating on a fantasy, you can increase your level of arousal while muffling thoughts about work or finances or whatever else is bothering you.”


Reese Witherspoon and the women of Hello Sunshine.

NYC’s Metrograph is celebrating female filmmakers. Get your butt down there.

Some background on good hair.


On Woody Allen.


Keds x Kate Spade New York (SIZE 7)

And now have a laugh with Dulce Sloan.




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