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Name: NEA 2

Cost: $99.00

Where: Lelo

Pleasure in Pink! Warning: I am so into NEA 2!!!

Lelo’s Nea2 in Pink! (Available in three colors)

Handy!: The beauty of the NEA 2, beyond its gorgeous design, is how handy it is. The smoothness of the NEA 2 is practically custom-fit for your palm AND your pleasure zone. Literally, the curvature of the NEA 2 just fits, like a sleek pair of upper vaj panties, cupped into your hand. It’s the first time I’ve used something so completely easy to use, so nicely nestled, so effective in my desired outcome! Place it upon yourself, press into it, and voila, ORGASM. 

Surprise Twist: The NEA is USB rechargeable! Plug it into wall when you’re running low on juice. How convenient is that? The NEA 2 is also discreet; your roommate/partner/child will simply think it’s some tchotchke with a USB drive erroneously plugged into a wall, instead of the laptop.

Speed: 8 speeds, from pulses and throbs to full on buzzzz.

Waterproof: Yes.

Hygiene: You ought to wipe or spray NEA 2 down after each time you use it, just because. You want to keep it clean, not let it get grimy.

What Say Me: The NEA 2 is my new favorite toy. What are you waiting for? Order it, pick it up, now!

You can purchase the NEA 2 here.


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