Tuesday BARB UP February 20, 2018

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Don’t underestimate a teenager. Yes, there are legions of teens, like there are legions of adults, who are self-obsessed and unaware. But like adults, there are teens who are politicized, involved, ready. These are the students who take AP classes and who join Model Union and who debate whether You Vs Me matters. These are the kids that strive to go to the Ivy’s but whose families can afford the State schools. A few years ago, my daughter spoke at a TEDx conference, run by teenagers, for teenagers. There were teenaged girls inventing, controlling robots they created themselves. There were teenagers who were pointing fingers at a failed education experience. There was even one teenager talking about feminism. Teenagers are the centerpiece of John Green (an adult) novels and they are Maze Runners and rule at the Hunger Games. I have long valued the input people of a certain age can contribute. I am not at all surprised by the students of Parkland, their united front, galvanizing for advocacy. In so many ways, you don’t become woke until it happens to you. This, this tragedy, happened to them. And instead of hiding, they’re front and center. They’re speaking up. They’re documenting it, in a revolutionary way, by taking the tools adults chide them for and using them as powerful methods for outreach and outcry. This is a powerful moment, a moment of pride, that moment when you remember—and know—that the children are our future, and these children? They are who I want to follow.

You’ve seen Black Panther, right? RIGHT?

Selma Blair: “Once I had my child, I realised how unfair life has been for women. When you deal with potential custody issues, which we ended up not having, but you look into it and realise this is all geared towards men now, and the court systems usually loathe single mothers.”

Susie Mathis: ”  “You put yourself up for jobs but you don’t even get an interview, because that’s your age. They only need to Google these days and everyone knows how old you are and what you’ve done in the past.”

Jasmine Guillory: “Sex is great, absolutely, but the prelude is a hell of a lot of fun too.”

It’s also time to talk about Clarence.

Ok, so this chick thinks yoga pants are not for the middle-aged. Tone deaf, anyone?

Shaving is complicated.

What is a freaking tide pod outside of you know, detergent?

How much money do you have saved so far?

And now have a laugh with Marina Franklin.


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