Thursday BARB UP February 22, 2018

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I am lucky enough to witness teenagers on a daily basis. Lucky in that I have a front seat to the way they move in the world, the way they engage in the world, the way they view it. To see teenagers across the nation unite was so gratifying. I said this the other day and I am saying it again. Do not underestimate teenagers. I live with one. In her junior year, I watched her juggle school work, assistant manager her school’s production of Les Miserables—which could have appeared on Broadway, the production and the actors were that good—and write a book that got published. I watched her friends support her (and also, sometimes rally against her). I watched her talk to other teenagers, at conferences and in private, offering an ear, offering suggestions, offering  help. I have watched my Teenager stand strong. Teenagers are the future, I said. I’m saying it again. We are now a week and a day later, of the Parkland mass shooting. The students who witnessed their friends die before their eyes, the students who were injured, the students who lost their lives at the hands of another teens, they are our leaders. Listen to them. Support them. If you’re Amal Clooney, donate 500,000 dollars. To dismiss a person due to their age is ignorance. It is insecurity. It is jealousy. It is petty and it is not the path to resolution. Do not underestimate Teenagers. Listen to them instead.

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Vote Them Out!

Lupe Valdez: “Dreamers and their parents must be able to achieve their goals in the land that they’ve always considered their country. We must educate to elevate.”

BARB Turning Pages with Emily Barton.

Kara Walker: “I started thinking about music and mind control — happy music being a way of keeping a certain level of peace, placating everyone,” Ms. Walker said. “The more I looked into it, the more it piqued my interest.”

Viviam Caroline de Jesus Queirós: “We’ve brought visibility to a group — black women — that have been historically marginalized here. We’ve feminized percussion here.”

Sade is about to come out with new music. It’s about Time!

That hot dude on that dating app.

How busy are you?

You know how it is when your partner wants to have sex and you want to do your nails? Yeah, you do.

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