Monday BARB UP March 5, 2018

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Monday. What is happening? Tell me everything. I want to hear about YOUR Monday. Seriously.

Oh Hollywood.

RIP Sridevi Kapoor.

Rita Moreno wearing her Oscars dress from 1962 is as amazing and spectacular then as it is now.

Ava Duvernay wants you to see A Wrinkle in Time.

Angela Merkel is still in charge.

#HereWeAre except, um, where are the women over 50? 60? 70? 80? I’m not into this commercial that celebrates women and inclusivity because guess what? They excluded women over 45. Put your actions where your money is, ad world!

What is an inclusion rider?

Christine Baranski: “I’ve taken to watching cable news in the morning because I like to hear the news analysis and I like to hear what’s breaking news, because honestly, I want to bear witness to this crazy time that we’re living in.”

Heather Graham: “One message is all that matters is your looks, and you’re judged on that — you’re supposed to be sexy. On the other hand, your sexuality is judged in a negative way.”

Dana Marlowe: “I value my strong social support network now but realize just how necessary they help you through the stress of tough times in a business.”

What is happening Heather Locklear?

He has a past. I believe, however, it is not who he is now.

I had no idea anyone survived Jonestown, but here you go.

13 year-olds marrying. WTF?

More on teenagers.

31 ways to celebrate Women in March.

And now have a laugh with Maria Bamford.


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