Tuesday BARB UP March 13, 2018

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“Job alert! Looking for a x, y and z to be our company’s x, y and z! DM for more details.”

You DM the person. You know them, after all. They’re on your LinkedIn page, you’re friends on Facebook, they follow your Finsta. They know you. They’ve worked with you at some point in your career. They’ve gone to see bands and movies with you; they were your friend at some point. They were on the come up at the same time you were, they worked for you, they know you.

And yet when you DM that person, all you get in return are crickets.

That’s something. It feels bitter in your mouth.

The people who do respond? They are the strangers. The ones with no real references of your personhood, the ones who see a name in the ether, the writing on the wall? The ones who knew you from afar, who admired your work, who passed you in a hall? The ones who have a role you are right for and want to get you on board? Those people? They’re the Mavericks.

Keep trying. Keep emailing and DMing the people you know and don’t know. Somewhere in there is a person who has a job for you and is willing to respond to your query. And that person? That’s the one, the bright one, the one you want to work with.

The rest are a bunch of duds. And you don’t want to be aligned with them. Make your mark, the one you have been making for the whole of your career, with someone that gets you. That will put you on their team. That will give you the opportunity of your lifetime.  That person? That person gets YOU.

Elizabeth Warren continues to rule.

Oh the level of ignorance. “I hesitate to talk about all schools in general because schools are made up of individual students attending them.” That’s Betsy DeVos.

Lisa Bonet: “I’m not quite ready to disappear completely!”

Rebecca Miller:  “We have to let go of that specialness, of the privilege of being the only woman. Which is a heady thing. But we do have to kind of let go and reach a hand out and pull someone up.”

Marie Kondo: “sk yourself this, often: Is what I’m doing connected to the kind of life that will spark joy for me? By thinking through this, the steps required to have that kind of life become clearer.”

Nancy Gibbs: “Sometimes silence is wrong. Sometimes it is golden. But it is usually mysterious, defined by what it does not say, does not mean.”

Stormy Daniels: “Penguins have terrible breath.”

Black Panther, now 1 billion dollars!

Money, women, power. Money, women, power.

And now have a laugh with Kathy Griffin.

This bag from Coach is divine.

Yay to this.


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